Photo Files
Jordan Elyse Designs accepts photographs in the following formats .jpg, .gif, and .tiff. Please submit the your original image in the largest file size. There is a chance that the photo you select for your card may be too small in quality. This can result in pixilated or a grainy final product. We will contact you if we feel that your photographs quality does not meet the qualifications to provide you will a perfect card. Feel free to email us at or call us at 646-519-6080 if you have any questions.

Photo Retouching
The designers who work at Jordan Elyse Designs are professional photographers with extensive backgrounds in and photo editing and retouching. All photographs will be edited, and retouched and may be converted to black and white at no additional cost. This includes sharpening your photo, adjusting the brightness of your photo, removing red eye, removing bags under the eyes and any other minor retouching that you may request. If our professionals believe your image needs more work such as cropping, converting to black and white or removing something in the background we will contact you regarding this matter. We will do our best to make your image look professional!

Paper stock
All photos are printed on premium, 130 lb matte coated paper or 110 lb uncoated paper. We recommend uncoated for Thank you notes or cards you may want to add a personal note.

Photo Tips from Jordan Elyse

  • Make sure your camera is set on the highest resolution and the largest file size. The larger the image the better it will print and the more information we will have to edit your image.
  • Find the best light possible. We recommend natural light.
  • Outdoors- Shoot on an overcast day or in the shade. Avoid direct sunlight on your subject face.
  • Indoors- Use window light as much as possible. If you are using a flash be sure not to get too close to your subject (further then 4 feet) Try to avoid shadows.
  • Movement-Be careful with children in motion. Blurry images on cards are not ideal. While most babies and kids are moving try shooting often and taking several pictures. Also be sure to allow in as much light as possible. This will help to reduce blurriness.

The minimum quantity that you can purchase is 25 cards. For special orders please contact us directly.

Please allow 7 business days to process your order before shipping. We offer a rush charge of $15.00 to process your order in 3-4 business days. This does not include shipping time.

Jordan Elyse Designs offers digital proofs for no additional charge. We will email you a PDF of what your card will look like. Once your orders have been approved we will process your order and send it to print!

Jordan Elyse Designs only accepts exchanges for errors made by our company (i.e. cards arrived bent or scratched). We cannot accept returns for typos due to the personalized nature of our ordering process. We feel strongly that you will be satisfied with the quality of our product!